30 attend active shooter class

By Jane Beathard

June 13, 2014

Thirty local residents attended a June 11 “active shooter” training at the Pleasant Valley Joint Fire District in Plain City, according to village police chief Jim Hill.

Hill’s department sponsored the session that aimed to teach citizens what to do if confronted with an armed assailant.

The turnout indicated a local interest in the topic. Attendees ranged in age from high schoolers to senior citizens.

“It was a great reaction. We had lots of Q and A,” Hill said.

He may sponsor a similar training in the fall.

Topics covered will included the history and prevalence of active shooter events, as well as the role of police and public safety officials in dealing with armed random attackers.

Hill stressed the importance of alerting authorities of threats involving guns or harm.

In every recent instance of mass shootings, the shooter fantasized or commented about their plans in advance to others.

“If you see something, say something,” Hill said.

Once involved with an active shooter, victims are first urged to run and hide. Experience shows that provides the best chance of survival. Fight only if there’s no opportunity to flee.

“Don’t do nothing,” Hill said.

He noted it is unlikely any who attended the training will ever need to use the knowledge. But it is best to be prepared.

“It prepares you for anything — at the mall, on vacation, wherever,” Hill said.

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