Twentieth Century Club discusses caring for the home

By Diana Shaw

May 14, 2014

The Twentieth Century Club of London met at the Madison County Historical Society on Friday, May 9.

It was hosted by Marilyn Knox, chairman, Mary McNary and Anne Carter.

Lunch was a picnic of fried chicken, potato salad, mixed fruit and dessert of coconut bars. The lunch was prepared by Lynn Ray and Marilyn Jarvis and was enjoyed by all.

Dorothy Richmond presented the program on the care of things in our home. Some of the information came from a book called “Saving Stuff.” Everyone was able to learn many things, one was taking care of our old quilts and how to preserve them. Diane Yoakum came away learning that she should use and enjoy some of our heirlooms. Some members brought antiques to share with the other members.

They looked at and enjoyed the historical displays.

The next meeting will be Friday, Sept. 12, at the Coover Memorial Club House, 134 N. Main St., London.