LoCI warden receives Wilder award

By Dean Shipley

May 1, 2014

London Correctional Institution (LoCI) honored its own Wednesday and no one was more surprised than its warden, Debra Timmerman-Cooper. She was the recipient of Kenny Wilder Award, which is always announced at the last minute.

The Wilder award is given to the person who not only does his/her job but also goes above and beyond job descriptions.

She was described as someone who is active in the community and who has developed positive relationships with community members, officials said. She supports training and education, in addition to being a leader.

Cooper has scheduled her retirement for July of this year. Of her 34 year career in corrections, 10 and a half of those have been at LoCI.

One of the programs she instituted at LoCI is the annual employee and retiree appreciation ceremony, which is in its 10th year.

“I think people need to be recognized when they do a good job,” Cooper said following the ceremony. As state employees, they are prohibited from receiving cash, so she authorized other tokens of recognition.

“It fosters teamwork and keeps people motivated because they’re being recognized,” she said.

LoCi recognizes its officers, employees and supervisors on a monthly basis. From those honorees is chosen the Officer, Employee and Supervisor of the year. They are as follows:

• Supervisor of the Year: Terry Peters, for the second consecutive year

• Officer of the Year: Timothy Rayburn

• Employee of the Year: Danny Yocum

Peters will end his career in August after a career which began at LoCI in 1987. He rose steadily through the ranks and took on numerous assignments which include being a member of the disturbance control team, special response team, sniper, honor guard.

He has won two gold star awards from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC).

He plans to retire in August and take a “very long motorcycle trip across the states.” He said he has already ordered a BMW touring motorcycle.

Officer Rayburn has been with LoCI since 2007. He became a member of the LoCI special response team and worked his way to squad leader. He is also the lead instructor for unarmed self defense, use of force and CPR. Rayburn was recently promoted to lieutenant and will be assigned to the Marion Correctional Institution.

His father is an LoCI retiree.

Danny Yocum began is career in corrections in 1996 at LoCI. He has also worked his way through the ranks and in January 2013 was promoted to Training Officer. He has also been an instructor in trainings for use of firearms, use of force, CPR/First Aid and Communications.

He has also received an ODRC gold star award for a video shot at LoCI.

Yocum’s father, Danny Yocum, also worked as a corrections officer at the Ohio Penitentiary in the 1960s, specifically during the riot there in June 1968.

Also recognized are those employees with years of service starting at five and up to 30 years. Retirees are also recognized.

Dean Shipley can be reached at (740) 852-1616, ext. 17 or via Twitter @DeanAShipley.