A serving of history with brunch

By Dean Shipley

April 24, 2014

Like a little local history with your pancakes?

A person “hungry” for both and with a yen to financially assist a local organization will fulfill all three Sunday, April 27 at a Pancake Brunch, which will be hosted by the Madison Senior Living Community, 351 Keny Blvd., London. Serving will begin at 11 a.m. and continue through 1 p.m.

As brunchers take brunch (of pancakes, sausage, bacon, assorted fruit and a breakfast casserole), they can view a historical pictorial program assembled by local historian, Earl Ballenger. He calls it “London, Then and Now.”

Photographs for the “then” portion of the presentation were taken by the late Bill Holton. Holton said Ballenger was also a history buff, and took copious photos of buildings and scenes during the ’60s in London. With the blessings of Holton’s family, Ballenger has incorporated a selection of those photos into a PowerPoint™ presentation of his own, more contemporary photos of the same locations.

For example, the photo of the home accompanying this article is a Holton original. Ballenger would not disclose the home’s location but did say another structure now occupies the site. He said to learn that, come to the brunch. Don’t be concerned about missing any of the pictures as the presentation will be on a continuous loop.

Donation for breakfast-style food and history lesson is $5 per person. Larger donations are also appreciated.

Proceeds of the event will be applied to general operating expenses, said Dorothy Richmond, director.

For more information contact Amanda, community outreach coordinator at Madison Senior Living, (740) 845-0145.

Dean Shipley can be reached at (740) 852-1616, ext. 17 or via Twitter @DeanAShipley.