London may remove five traffic lights

By Jane Beathard

April 23, 2014

Five traffic lights within the City of London are likely on their way out, based on recommendations of a recent study.

Safety-services director Steve Hume said legislation authorizing removal of traffic lights from five intersections will come before city council on May 1. Stop signs will replace electric signals at all five intersections.

“All will become two-way stops,” Hume said.

Signals slated for removal are located at:

• East High Street and Dunn Avenue (stop signs on Dunn)

• West Center and South Oak Streets (stop signs on Oak)

• East Center and Walnut Streets (stop signs on Walnut)

• East First and South Union Streets (stop signs on Union)

• East First and South Walnut Streets (stop signs on First)

A study conducted by Choice One Engineering of Sidney showed the volume of vehicle traffic at the five intersections did not warrant overhead signal lights.

The same study indicated no need for a light at East High Street and Keny Boulevard. Council requested Choice One study that intersection, following complaints of extensive traffic back-ups during work shift changes at factories on East High Street.

The study showed a signal light would only lengthen back-ups and increase congestion in employee parking lots of those businesses, Hume said.

Choice One counted current traffic volume, as well as projected increases by 2016 in all areas.

Engineers used procedures of the 2012 Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices to conduct the study from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. March 26-28.

Once council approves the recommendations, city administrators will issue a public notice regarding the pending changes. Covers will shroud the existing traffic lights for 90 days as motorists and pedestrians become accustomed to stop signs at the five intersections.

Workers will remove the lights when data collected by Choice One confirms traffic is flowing smoothly in all areas.

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