Plain City council endorses Issue One

By Rob Treynor

April 23, 2014

Union County commissioner Steve Stolte visited Plain City Village Council last week, seeking the council’s support of Issue One on the May ballot, which will permit the state of Ohio to issue up to $1.875 billion in revenue bonds to provide funds for capital improvements to cities and counties in Ohio.

“Every local government in Union County has benefited from this,” Stolte said. “I’m not as sure about how the program works in Madison County.”

The commissioner explained how the Ohio Bonds to Fund Public Infrastructure Amendment works. “It authorizes the state of Ohio to sell infrastructure bonds over a 10-year period. The proceeds from those bonds fund infrastructure developments.”

Ohio voters have approved a similar measure to Issue One three times since 1987.

Council considered making their endorsement an emergency resolution, since a resolution needs three readings to be enacted, which would not occur prior to election day.

Council member Nick Kennedy objected to the idea, “We knew the election was coming. I don’t see that this needs to be an emergency.”

“If we don’t pass this as an emergency, why bother at all?” asked council member Jim Moore, unsure of the purpose of a post-election endorsement.

“We’ve complained about the cuts in funding from the state. Whenever we talk to state legislatures, we’ve brought that up. We need to stand behind Issue One because it does benefit us,” council member Bob Walter said.

President pro tem Shawn Kaeser asked the village solicitor if the endorsement needed to be handled as a resolution, with the requisite three readings and 30-day tail period before being enacted.

“I’d like to cut down the number of emergency votes this council makes,” Kaeser said.

“Since this doesn’t require an action on the part of council, we could have a statement of support,” village solicitor Paul-Michael La Fayette said.

Jim Moore made the motion to support State Issue One, Kaeser seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The primary election is slated for Tuesday, May 6.

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