West Jeff will be strong on singles’ courts this spring

By Chris Miles

April 4, 2014

There aren’t a whole lot of experienced athletes on the West Jefferson High School tennis team this spring, but the Roughriders do return a collection of singles players who should help keep the team competitive.

“Jimmy Foster, Garrett Beachey and Michael Romanov have been in the program for three years so they bring some experience to an otherwise young team,” coach Bob Hunter said.

The three have returned and have sewn up the three singles spots, but there are a number of younger athletes in the running for the starting doubles team slots.

“Our singles positions are set and we have some tweaking for doubles,” the coach said.

“As of now Grant Dersom, Alex Lutz, Daniel Hadidon and Caitlyn Greer will shore up our doubles teams.”

Other younger athletes competing for varsity court time and according to the coach are “showing promise,” they include Mark Romanov, Nik Wilson, Mollie Hiss, Phil McDowell and Spencer King.

The Roughriders will compete in the new Mid-State League Ohio Division this year which will mean regular battles with London, Whitehall, Grandview, Worthington Christian as well as annual clashes with state powerhouses Columbus Academy and Bexley.

“For us our league is virtually the same,” Hunter said. “We’ve been playing Bexley and Academy over the years.”

The coach is hoping his team continues to work hard and improve and can hold its own on the court.

“I want us to be competitive and gain a better understanding of tennis,” Hunter said.

The Roughriders will be in action at home on Monday, April 7, against Shekinah Christian. They will travel to Bexley on Tuesday, April 8, and be back home on Wednesday, April 9, against Whitehall and again on Thursday, April 10, against Worthington Christian. All the matches have a 4:30 p.m. start time.

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