Hoping to be picked

Beth Sergent

April 1, 2014

POINT PLEASANT — One man’s junk is another man’s treasure — and good television.

Just ask Tim Clendenen, of Point Pleasant, who is a self-described “pack rat,” making him a perfect choice to appear on History Channel’s “American Pickers” program.

Cast and crew from the popular program were in Point Pleasant on Tuesday afternoon visiting with Clendenen and going through his treaure trove of antiques and oddities he’s collected over the years.

Clendenen said someone gave the show’s personnel his name, sent a scout to look at his “pickings” two weeks ago and decided he was worthy of a visit from Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. The duo, along with a camera crew and the official “Antique Archaeology” van arrived from Tennessee to meet Clendenen early Tuesday afternoon.

However, before Mike and Frank could arrive, several locals were trying to get a glimpse of the pair, known as “the pickers” during filming. Fans were taking photos with phones and even delaying at least one camera shot with their curiosity and enthusiasm. The crew set up shop in the empty parking lot of the old Appalachian tire store.

As of press time it wasn’t known if Clendenen had anything “picked” from his stash. It appeared the cast and crew were only in town to speak to Clendenen, though, no doubt, there were many other collectors who wished to have a moment of their time.

The new season of “American Pickers” starts Wednesday.