Sheriff’s Office to be re-roofed

By Dean Shipley

March 31, 2014

County commissioners on Monday, March 31 approved three estimates for three roofing repair requests made by Sheriff Jim Sabin. Todd Poeppelmeier, of the Garland Co. Inc., the commissioner’s consultant for county building roofing issues, submitted four companies’ estimates for the estimates on three separate jobs. Lowest and best estimates were submitted by Maxim Roofing of Beavercreek, Ohio in Greene County: Front flat roof sheriff’s office replacement: $22,805; rear flat roof restoration on sheriff’s office: $3,892; shingle roof with flat roof on top: $28,992.

Sheriff Jim Sabin said damage to the interior of the offices has been limited to waterlogged ceiling tiles and some discoloration of wall paint in some offices. But the leaks have become worse over this past winter with heavy snowfall. Sabin said certain equipment had to be moved to prevent moisture damage and wastepaper baskets put in their place to catch dripping snow melt.

He expressed his appreciation to commissioners for approving the estimates.

Paul Gross wanted to have local roofing contractors to compete for the work.

“But if they can’t compete, based on price, so be it,” Gross said.

Poeppelmeier said he expects the contractor to begin work very soon. He said typically at this time of year contractors, want to do jobs of this size to completion, making room for larger jobs which come in the summer.

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