Madison County Master Gardeners presented ‘Fairy Gardens 101’

By Diana Shaw

March 22, 2014

’Twas a wee bit early for leprechauns but talk of fairies filled the air as Madison County Master Gardeners created a container garden to please the elusive fairies. Fairy gardens and miniature gardens have existed for centuries in various cultures to attract fairies or spirits to the garden for good luck. Fairy gardening has become a recent trend. Perhaps you’ve noticed the abundance of miniatures available at garden centers and nurseries.

The Choctaw Lake Garden Club invited the Master Gardeners to present ”Fairy Gardens 101” or “Six Easy Steps to Fairy Gardening” on Feb. 19 at the Choctaw Lake Lodge. The gardeners, LuAnn Dillon, Susi Rolfe and Christy Pearl, demonstrated the six steps as they shared tips for selecting plants and designing the garden and ideas for finding and making fairy garden accessories.

If your group would like to learn about making fairy gardens, call the Master Gardeners hotline at (740) 852-0975, ext. 12. They are also presenting at the London Public Library, 20 E. First St., London, at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7.