London man’s re-trial set for June 4

By Jane Beathard

March 21, 2014

Visiting Common Pleas Judge Steven P. Beathard set June 4 for the re-trial of former London resident Timothy S. Ackley, 34.

Ackley pleaded guilty in 2012 to killing Mark and Jo Ann Williams in a drunk-driving crash on state Route 142. Madison County Common Pleas Judge Robert D. Nichols, now retired, sentenced Ackley to 16 years in prison for the double vehicular homicide.

An appeals court overturned Ackley’s conviction two weeks ago, saying the man’s guilty plea was not constitutional because Nichols did not correctly inform him of its consequences. Ackley’s case then returned to the local court.

Beathard appointed Thomas Arrington to represent Ackley and ordered the man held in Tri-County Regional Jail under $1 million bond at the request of prosecutor Steve Pronai.

Beathard noted Ackley, who has a history of drunk driving, admitted to causing the crash that killed the Williamses. The appeals court decision did not affect facts surrounding the case.

Current common pleas judge Eamon Costello prosecuted Ackley in 2012. Ethical concerns prevented Costello from presiding over the re-trial.

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