Water towers to be painted

By Rob Treynor

March 15, 2014

The turkey vultures may have to find a new place to roost.

The first reading of a resolution accepting the lowest bidder on cleaning and painting Plain City’s two water towers passed unanimously this week during the bi-monthly village council meeting, held on Monday, March 10.

The accepted bid, to clean and paint the interior of both water towers and the exterior of the water tower on South Chillicothe Street, came in at $242,250.

The village had estimated the cost to be $250,000.

The work would be paid for with money from the village’s water and sewer capital fund.

During summer months, turkey vultures often roost on the support beams of the South Chillicothe water tower.

“This should have been done way before now,” council member Jim Moore said.

The structural integrity of the water towers depend on the absence of rust. Painting the towers, inside and out, protects the tower from rusting out.

“How long will this paint job last?” council member Colleen Davis asked Monday, prior to voting.

Village administrator Kevin Vaughn estimated that a coat of paint should last “around 20 years.”

Council asked if the South Chillicothe water tower would be painted in a different color.

Vaughn quipped one water tower could be painted red, and one blue — for hot and cold.

Council member Nick Kennedy asked if it would be possible to paint Plain City’s logo on the South Chillicothe tower.

“It would look better than the black lettering,” Kennedy said. Council agreed.

Vaughn said he would look into any additional costs that would be accrued by painting the logo and would let council know his findings.

There will still be two additional readings of the resolution before it can pass. A public discussion on the matter will accompany the third reading, scheduled for the April 14 meeting.

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