Energy effeciency options discussed at London Council

By Jane Beathard

March 12, 2014

An energy overhaul would save operating money for the City of London, according to a representative of Honeywell Corporation.

Brent VanHoose of Honeywell appeared at the recent council meeting to explain his company’s energy and infrastructure renewal program for municipal governments. Urbana, Washington Court House, Newark, Ravenna and Dayton are among current Honeywell clients in Ohio.

VanHoose said London could save 10 to 30 percent on operating costs by upgrading city buildings with energy-efficient windows, doors and roofs, as well as new heating and cooling systems and controls. Other proposed improvements included new, efficient street and traffic lights.

Legislation passed by the Ohio General Assembly in 2008 encourages cities and towns to save money through reduced energy costs.

Projects may be large or small and are financed through bonds, private lenders or low-interest loans from the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority. Balances do not affect the overall bond or credit ratings of cities, VanHoose said.

Energy savings will offset loan payments for 15 years, he added.

Honeywell acts as general contractor and hires qualified local sub-contractors to complete the work.

VanHoose pointed to city-owned buildings at the former school complex on Walnut Street as ripe for an energy makeover.

London City Schools implemented a similar energy-saving project last year, retrofitting interior lights, upgrading heating and cooling systems and installing automated controls for those systems.

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