Letter to the editor

By Robert Treynor

March 6, 2014

One voice can make a difference

To the editor:

Why don’t you all contact your elected representatives and voice your opinions?

From the many people I talk to I find only a very few that take time to voice their concerns. Mostly it is because, “One voice isn’t going to make any difference.”

If enough “one voices” are put forth the elected representatives will take notice.

We have an administration that can’t seem to follow the U.S. Constitution and a lot of the department heads do not tell the truth when they are brought up in front of Congress and there doesn’t seem to be any accountability by anyone.

We have the IRS, NSA, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, several Middle East countries and other governments that are not our friends and our “powers that be” can’t seem to understand that you cannot buy friendship and yet we give them arms, planes, tanks and try to help them secure their borders while our borders are over run by illegal aliens that we then give entitlement money, schooling and medical care to.

We send billions of dollars all over the world and try to secure other country’s borders and yet the U.S. is over $17 1/4 trillion in debt and we can’t find enough dollars to take care of our wounded warriors so they have to beg on TV for money to help them and their families. The VA makes the vets wait, on the average, 125 days to get any help too. They are even trying to cut our military down and cut other financial aide to our service men and women which is causing great harm.

Do the right thing and let your elected people know that you really care about what should be their number one priority.

John L. Galbreath

Mt. Sterling