100 Years Ago With Charlie Miller

By Diana Shaw

January 30, 2014

Jan. 30, 1914

Madison County Democrat — No news this week. The following appeared in the National Democrat (London) on Dec. 19, 1861 — We believe that the Ohio Legislature, at its last session, passed a law, imposing a severe penalty upon those convicted of carrying deadly weapons. In consequence of a violation of the provisions of this act, a deed of blood came near perpetrated in West Jefferson on Saturday evening last. During the progress of a lawsuit before a certain Justice of the Peace in the place mentioned, one of the attorneys, Mac, of this place, made a statement which the opposing counsel, Mr. A., of Alton, deemed untrue and at once pronounced his opponent a liar. Mac’s countenance grew dark with anger, and drawing a weapon from his breast pocket, which in the uncertain light of approaching evening, resembled one of Colt’s repeaters, he pointed at his antagonist and demanded him to retract his language. Everyone shouted, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!” Mac followed his foe thundering, “Retract sir, or I’ll blow your brains out!” One courageous individual to save blood shed, stepped up and struck the weapon down, when to his utter astonishment, it broke into, and a portion of it fell to the floor, which upon examination, proved to be a part of a bologna sausage. Court adjourned, and the difficulty was settled over “drinks around.”

Part II

The Madison Press, April 3, 1954 — Letters have been sent out to all West Jefferson residents concerning garbage and refuse collection here, according to Mayor Homer Braithwaite. The entire matter is in the hands of the people the mayor said and the decision rests with them as to whether garbage and refuse collections will be initiated here. Thus far the collections have been made by private collectors. The survey will determine if the services will be contracted to a private firm or the village.

— Once a year the Mother’s Club sets aside a meeting at which husbands are guests of honor and practically all business is dispensed with. This year’s party was an event of March 30 at the Odd Fellows Hall. A carry in lunch was a pleasant conclusion for the annual party. Mrs. Robert Recob was elected a delegate to the spring conference in Cincinnati.

— The Domestic Science Club met April 1 at the home of Mrs. R. E. Borland. Mrs. John Smart of Columbus sang two solos accompanied by Mrs. George Brook at the piano. Mrs. Edward Sidner and Mrs. Everett Ellinger gave several poems pertaining to April and Spring.

— West Jefferson opened its baseball season Friday afternoon on the home field, defeating Mt. Sterling three to one. With Don Long pitching for the home team and Doddroe for Mt. Sterling. West Jefferson got 3 runs on 4 hits and 1 error. Mt. Sterling got 1 run and 2 hits and 3 errors.

— Miss Pauline Cochran and Miss Jane Frey, homeroom teachers for the eighth grade of the Jefferson school, thought up a plan for a party Wednesday night which went over big with the 60 students. Supt. Dale Porter, Mrs. William Strauss and Mrs. Major Merrick, room mothers, were special guests.