Benefits of early childhood education may be extensive

An unfortunate reality of modern life is that too many families no longer have the luxury of having at least one parent staying at home to care for young children. Work (for those who have it or those trying to obtain it) is inescapable in a country where the cost of living woefully exceeds stagnant or even decreased earnings.Families are often hit the hardest as they try to balance achieving some semblance of the American dream coupled with the job of raising and guiding their you...

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Of bare feet and lightning bugs

Usually at some point in the summer I receive some inspiration to write about my old adventures on the farm. Summers were usually pretty good, no school, maybe some Little League games, plenty of farm chores to keep you busy and some down time to have plain old fun.This past weekend was yard sales weekend in Georgetown. My son had a house full and three or four families pitched in on his big sale. One of my many jobs for this big sale was to help keep track of the granddaughter. Th...

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Again, the isolationist smear

It doesn’t take much to be smeared as an isolationist by leading Republicans. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who appears to be running for president again, and former vice president Dick Cheney — not to mention Sen. John McCain, Gov. Chris Christie, and other members of the GOP establishment — can always be counted on to drag out that insult whenever they sense a threat from anyone not as hawkish as they are. If they thought that 30,000 U.S. troops should be sent somewhere, and some...

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The most important problem: It’s not conflict, it’s violent conflict management

In 2014, the growing list of suffering by violent conflict management includes (but is not limited to): more than 10,000 murders and kidnappings in Nigeria, civil war in Syria, escalated terrorism in Iraq, an asymmetrical bombardment in Gaza, and now — allegedly — somebody, some faction, some government shot down a Malaysia Airlines jet and killed 295 human beings. The cause of the deaths, environmental or man-made, will guide at least one week of media coverage. If the cause is i...

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Readers request recipes

This is part two of our summer recipe series, answering reader requests for different recipes. The Amish Cook will return in its regular format next week.——————A reader in Hampshire, West Virginia asked for a “bacon dressing” recipe:HOT BACONDRESSING1 pound bacon cooked and crumbled2 cups sugar...

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Use those tomatoes or the critters will beat you to it

So far, the summer stats are: Squirrels and other assorted critters — 3; Us — 10.The good news is that we are already getting vine ripened tomatoes — all we can eat. Apparently, this is a really good, early tomato season. The squirrels, chipmunks and other critters with teeth think so, too.Two days ago, I saw a squirrel with a green tomato in his mouth squeezing through a narrow gap in our backyard fence. I didn’t know squirrels would make off wit...

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Letter to the editor

People showtheir prideTo the editor:I noticed a new feeling in the Village of Mount Sterling at the Let The Freedom Ring parade last month. The people were there with pride of our village.The start of a new bakery in our village. The Chamber of Commerce started up in the town.People are taking pride of their homes with repair and clean up.I was at the community service for Four...

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Let it go, let it go, let it go

This year I celebrate my 20th year as a practicing grandfather. I am not sure that after 20 years I know anything more about being a grandfather than I did before. I have not found any books written on how to be a grandfather, maybe I should write one. I have enjoyed those 20 years and it just seems to be getting better.One of the interesting things about a grandfather is spending time with the grandchildren, especially when they are trying to watch a movie.I enjoy a mov...

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Protecting yourself from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood or plant juices. Only female mosquitoes bite to get a blood meal for their growing eggs. Mosquitoes usually are considered to be just a nuisance pest, but occasionally they can transmit disease.

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The skills to succeed

There’s a skills gap in our country that is preventing unemployed Americans from filling available jobs. Legislation I authored is going to help close that gap.

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Learning by looking up

Remember when as a child you would lay on a blanket on a bright summer day looking up at the clouds above and seeing figures or shapes of familiar objects. These were pleasant days of unleashed imagination. I wonder if we can allow ourselves to do that again. After many, many years of being absorbed into the day-in and day-out trials of just living, are we able to free our minds even for a few short minutes, away from the clamor of the daily news, away from stress and emotional strain, away f...

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100 Years Ago With Charlie Miller

July 17, 1914Madison County Democrat — Mrs. Matthew Gregg was the guest at Columbus with friends on Saturday.— The ladies of the Baptist Missionary Society met at the home of Mrs. Margaret Prose on Wednesday afternoon.— Mr. and Mrs. Frank Orders, who are at Lake View for an outing entertained their clerks and their wives one day last week. (Orders has a grocery located in wha...

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Honoring our vow to America’s Veterans

In recent weeks, hundreds of Ohioans have called or written about the critical need to fix the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system and ensure that our veterans are receiving quality health care without long delays. The great majority of VA employees are dedicated to serving their patients, and many are veterans themselves, but the wrongdoing of a few has tarnished the VA’s reputation, and underscored the need to address existing problems with the claims backlog, the suicide ...

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Take precautions with mosquitoes

Warm weather means more time outside and more mosquitoes. Infected mosquitoes spread West Nile Virus (WNV) which can cause a serious, life-altering disease.What is West Nile Virus?West Nile Virus is a potentially serious illness. This virus can cause encephalitis, an infection of the brain and the spinal cord. WNV is established as a seasonal epidemic in North America that flares up in the summer and continues into the fall. In 2013, 2,469 people became ...

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There are no ordinary lives

Someone asked me over the weekend, “So what are you going to write about LeBron James coming back to Cleveland?” But I want to write about something more interesting than LeBron James’ life. I want to write about your life.As a people, especially in the United States, we are consumed by celebrity. The lives of the rich, the famous and the infamous are fodder for countless entertainment programs, celebrity magazines and tabloids, and tell-all books.One o...

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