Ohio law addresses oil and gas well waste

When someone installs an oil and gas well on my property, is there any waste? If so, what kind?

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Better keep the plumbers phone number handy

Spring has finally arrived and I am sure that you have started on that list looking for places that caused the pipes to freeze last winter. If not, keep the plumbers phone number in a place you will remember so you won’t have to look for it when you need it next winter.

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Stopping credit report errors

Your credit report has an enormous impact on your financial future. Banks, credit card companies, and employers all reference credit reports when they decide whether to make a loan to a potential customer or offer a job to a prospective employee. That is why it’s critical that credit reporting agencies maintain and provide accurate credit information about consumers.

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It takes some do

When we started D.A.R.E. in Madison County 25 years ago, I used to say that kids are kids no matter what age. That’s not entirely true today due to the challenging environments kids face every day. That’s not to say that there weren’t any challenges 25 years ago, but while they were different, they seemed to be fewer in number. Alcohol abuse, smoking, and marijuana as well as self-esteem and self-confidence were the major challenges.

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Here’s what to do with those ‘rabbit’ eggs

The spring holidays, whether Christian, Jewish or secular signify renewal, freedom from oppression, a rebirth of sorts. They are partially a celebration of all the best things about the season.For Christians, Easter signifies the resurrection of Jesus and His subsequent ascendance into Heaven — a time of rebirth.

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We have been doing a lot of spring cleaning

It’s already Thursday, the deadline for me to get this column out in the mail. This week our five children are home on spring break. The boys have been cleaning out the barn and hauling manure. The girls have been helping with the spring cleaning and also cleaning up the yard. We’ve had a few nice days this week now. It gives you the eagerness to want to plant the garden. Our garden hasn’t dried up enough yet but with these nice sunny days maybe it will soon. I am also hopin...

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Labeling genetically modified foods

I’m surprised that genetically modified foods aren’t required to be labeled. Why aren’t they?This remains a controversial topic, and there are points to be made on both sides. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which does not require genetically modified foods to be labeled, encourages food manufacturers to do so voluntarily because people are increasingly interested in knowing more about the food they’re eating.Opponents...

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A pedicure that cured all my pet peeves

Since I was a young person, I always had some pets around. Most of these have been dogs, hunting dogs in particular. And I loved my pets.In getting older, I discovered that having a pet dog around is a lot of work. More work than I care to do in light of my busy schedule. So I have exchanged these pet dogs for a few pet peeves.One pet peeve of mine is when a waitress calls me “Sweetie.” I do not know, it just gets under my skin. Of course, it might be good fo...

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What does Easter mean to you?

Luke records these words, “When they arrived at the place called The Skull, they crucified Him there.” (Luke 23:33) The death of Jesus Christ is one of the most important events in history. His birth is the first most important because without a Virgin birth, His crucifixion would be no different than any other. But we know that Jesus was (and is) God’s Son so that’s why His death was so meaningful. But the Bible doesn’t say a lot about His death, other than He w...

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Where did the Old Testament come from?

The obvious starting point is God. Unlike the Koran, the Hebrew Scriptures do not claim to be dictated by God. They are recognized as the writings of men whom God inspired. But there were a lot of such writings, so who decides what is included? You often hear about “Lost Books of the Bible” which were never included in the Bible and were not really lost. The Bible did not come with a table of contents. Someone had to decide what to include.

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Sometimes as I paint the subject reveals itself

I might have a main idea when I start, but as I paint, a vague idea may take on a different form than I first visualized. I may see forms in the paint that open more ideas or maybe help define vague ideas into more detailed visual forms. Even in some cases, the painting may take on an entirely new reality, completely different from its vague beginning.Frequently, forms in paint and color will reshape my entire thinking and creative process. Often I look for these revelations as ins...

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100 Years Ago With Charlie Miller

April 17, 1914Madison County Democrat — Mrs. James Timmons and baby are the guests of her sister, Mrs. Ella Fitzgerald, at Gillivan. (The baby would have been Robert Timmons.)— Zephyrus has old Boreas on the run and springtime is here. Gentle Annie flows and garden tools are being looked up and put in order. The grass is making a phenomenal growth and fodder and dry feed are no longer relishe...

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You need a catchy phrase for the worms

Dewey and Emily were the first to finish their lunches, and the two sweethearts whispered together at the nearby coffee machine while the rest of the valley’s first focus group finished up.“Honey,” said Emily, “maybe you should let me lead the discussion? What do you think?”“You bet. I’ll take notes.”When the dishes were cleared away, they got right to it. Dewey loosened his necktie and got ready to take notes....

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Jesus lived in a police state

“There is no evidence that Jesus himself openly advocated violent actions. But he was certainly no pacifist. “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but the sword.” (Matthew 10:34 | Luke 12:51).” ― Reza Aslan, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth”Those living through this present age of SWAT team raids, police shootings of unarmed citizens, roadside strip searches, and inv...

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Life near the Mexican border

“You have no rights here!” barked a U.S. Border Patrol agent to a resident of Arivaca, Arizona who was passing through a Customs and Border Protection checkpoint 23 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.

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